Decree CCPE2020888A of September 23, 2020 exempts loan contracts not exceeding 5 000 euros from declaration.

A decree raises the threshold for exemption from declaration of loan contracts, which had remained unchanged for many years.

In principle, intermediaries involved in the conclusion of loan contracts or in the drafting of deeds or the debtor of the loan in the absence of an intermediary must declare the loan contracts concluded for the previous year.

This declaration must mention the date, amount and conditions of the loan as well as the names and addresses of the lender and the borrower. This declaration (form No. 2062) must be sent to the Administration at the same time as the income statement. (Example: loan taken out in October 2020 – declaration to be made in May 2021 at the same time as the 2020 income statement)

The administration has decided to raise the threshold for exemption from this declaration. From September 27, 2020, loan contracts for which the principal amount is at most equal to € 5,000 are exempt from this reporting obligation. This threshold was € 760 so far.

It should be noted that if several loans, the unit amount of which is less than € 5,000, are concluded during the same year in the name of the same debtor or the same creditor, but the total principal of which exceeds this sum, all contracts must be declared by this debtor or this creditor.